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Truly expressive portraiture! Even viewing the previews was like seeing portraits in a fine art gallery."

-Amy L.

I have to tell you I was so impressed with your dog portraits! I am not one to email someone that I don't know about their site, but in your case I just felt I had to. The lighting and composition are both great…and I'm sure you know that composition with dogs is not always an easy thing. You have done a beautiful job and I just wanted to tell you so. I hope you keep the site updated, I'm so looking forward to seeing more pet portraits from you.

- Debra Pitts

"Thank you again for all the care and artistry with which you photographed our pups and us. We appreciate your attention to detail and will definitely mention you to our friends who have dogs. This was a very special experience for us and we will cherish the pictures for years to come."

-Gail and Dinah

"We wanted a nice portrait of our two black labs and knew from our own experiences and attempts by others that photographing black dogs is serious challenge. That's what brought us to Phoenix. The results were so incredible we just couldn't believe it. Not only do we haveportraits worthy of being called art, but both humans and dogs had a wonderful time at the studio making it happen."

-Bob and Denise R.

"Joseph and Elvira were wonderful to work with. They knew how to capture the bond and love between my dog Mattie and I thru the camera lens and have that be what people see in our photos. This is what I loved most from the whole experience."

-Linda L.

"Your portraits are beautiful keepsakes. The afternoon we spent in your studio was one Gracie and I finalize the transition of our family unit from three to two. We had great fun and your attention and humor were a fabulous antedote."

Marie B.

"Joseph's work takes pet (dog) photography to a new level. Besides his ability to get the dogs to actively participate and show their personality, his ability to capture the most difficult to photograph
dogs -- black ones is unreal."

-Larry S.

Links Spotlight on the studio Sitting Suggestions